OpenGL freezes my games, advice ?

When running Quake 2, set to OpenGL default, for some reason my game freezes in the middle of the gameplay, I have to restart. I have looked at all the standard help files and such but they did not help me. The same happens with other games, they just freeze. Does anyone know what the problem might be and how to fix it ?

Well, my girlfriend has the same problem, when she runs any opengl game or application, it crashes in the middle of the action. Maybe it is caused by the video adapter or the CPU… what video adapter and CPU do you have?

i got that problem to.
any game i play it frezzes.
i have used glsetup but it didn’t work.
i got 300 mhz i440lx 128ram and tnt2 m64.
please mail back need help, badly.
you can reach me at
/ sam

My openGl games also locks up. I have G400.
And motherboard MEL-M which is based on intel 440-LX chipset. Could morherboard be one to blame for. Paladin what is your morherboard?

heh, ofcourse i mean motherboard not morherboard

It a driverproblem. I had the same freezes and lockups with my Radeon card, but new drivers do the job, you need to find brand new drivers and even BETA versions, cause the manufactors are aware of the OpenGL problems. Good luck and happy driverhunting

i have same problem as all of you except new drivers didnt help. I’ve tried em all from 7041-7099.


Try the metabyte(???) wicked gl minidriver works well on most cards even when open gl drivers dont work as it is only a game driver. I used it with win 9X and ME and a creative banshee. worked sof,quake ,half life,cs list goes on…
check it out…

i am having the same problem and i have th lx chipset.

from what ive beeen reading it may be the fact that the riva tnt2 draws too much power from the motherboard, since most of the mb’s are older then the cards.

also nvidia products have never been ENTIRELY friendly with lx chipsets

if anyone finds the answer send me a message