OpenGL freeze!

Ok it seems that there is alot of us (including me) that have the exact same problems also with different games, games work great with d3d (but are slwo and suck)
when we swtich to opengl they work wayyyy better but freeze at any givin time and frezes whole comp cltl+alt+delete doesnt work either ,anyways i have my latest drivers and so doesn every else and it keeps freezing , fi soemone would say something usefull to help then plz do so, Relpy if you have same problem and or especially if you can help

I can’t give you any help, but I do want you to know that I also have that same problem.

Computer Specs:

  • Intel Pentium III 500 MHz
  • 128 MB of SDRAM
  • 22 Gig left of harddrive space
  • Diamond Stealth III S540 32 MB 4x AGP video card (with latest drivers and glsetup drivers)

Guyver Four

P.S. Hopefully, someone can help us with this problem.

I have the SAME problem . That happens with all my games that use gl. I read in others forums that this problem maybe caused by my motherboard ( asus P3bf ) . My monster 3d II is close to the motherboard and its too warm for it. That makes the games freeze. I’ll try to resolve that by changing the monster’s slot.

Games that have that kind of problem : quake1 , quake3 , half-life , homeworld , Thief.

Please , help us.

OK guys i have Asked around and this freeze is due to the motherboard overheating and
locking up (turning itself off so it doesnt overheat)

tehre are many solutions…more Fans , New Cpu’s, different video card slots

im gettign a new computer like today or tomorow


Same problem here! Maby I’ll buy a fan and try that. I have an STB Velocity 128. I would use D3D all the time but I can’t read the menu when I push TAB, it’s all blurry.? I have never heard of the mother board shutting down to keep from overheating. A lot of people melt down after overclocking their processors so this seems kind of off hand. Hope someone finds out. I’m going to buy a new Vid card anyway.

Having the same problem with my soyo 6ba+IV, p3 550, 128 M RAM, ATI Magnum. Bought a drive bay dual fan blower, card slot blower and a new fan and heat sync for my cpu, and opened up the case. No help- still freezes. Please help! I emailed ATI, ID, and SOYO, but no luck yet. Been working on this problem for over 5 months.