opengl freeze windows with s3 video card

i’ve tested my engine with s3 video card.
but always frozen my windows.
tested video card :
savage 4, trio 3d…
already i’ve updated newest driver.
i’ve tested other opengl source. these freeze windows2000 too.
problem opengl source has timer or loop message handling.
how can i solve this problem?
if you want to test this bug, execute any opengl program has loop. then move this windows many times.

my system :
os: windows 2000 professional
vga : savage 4
cpu: intel pentium 3 700
ram : 256 mega

how can i fix it?
help me~~

S3 has the WORST drivers for opengl that I have seen, they were (and I guess still are) broken. I got rig of my savage 4 a long time ago.

Buy a card from nvidia, or ATI rage 128 or radeon series. Anyone else the drivers really need work.

This topic doesn’t belong here I don’t think.

Altough i think Savage Cards are excellent their drivers sucks…, i also had a savage4, and no way i could get environment mapping to work with it…, i know have a Geforce, and no problems…,
The problem probably is the card, not your engine