OpenGL - frames per second

Well im gonna describe the problem I got with a game called Tibia
Its really simple. I run the program and I get 50~70 fps on the login screen. When I login fps goes to 30. After some time they go to 10 and below, making the game impossible to play.

I have Windows Vista
I have NVIDIA graphics
My processor is AMD Turion X2 64

Its not a problem of RAM since I have over 4gbs of ram
Its not a problem of drivers since I updated them all

So please if anyone could help me would be great

what model is your video card ?

My video card I believe is NVIDIA MCP67M

Its not a problem of drivers since I updated them all

Well, you have a laptop. Updating drivers correctly for laptops is hard, because laptops manufacturers prevent the installation of official Nvidia driver.
Apparently MCP67M is an integrated combo (GeForce 7150M/nForce 630M).
If official nvidia drivers does not work :

try the they have modified drivers to allow installation on laptops.

from the tibia website :
1.4 What Do You Need to Play Tibia?
[…]The system requirements to run Tibia are low. The client program you need to have installed on your computer to connect to the game server runs on all Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000/Vista systems that have DirectX version 5.0 or higher installed. The required hard disk space is also low - a mere 35 MB will be sufficient. However, a CPU of 500 MHz or better as well as a 3D accelerated video graphics adapter (e.g. cards with ATI Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce chipsets) are recommended to ensure optimal performance.[…]
No mention of opengl, and requirements seem pretty low.
Can you change settings such as game resolution, fullscreen/windowed, level of details, etc ?

I did update the drivers correctly for my Nvidia card…

Also I changed a lot of details in the game, fullscreen in all the resolutions, the light, etc. No change

Its amazing how nobody is able to solve my problem so far. I would really appreciate if you guys knock yourself out and solve it x,x


What installed driver version you have ? You can see that in the Nvidia forceware control panel.

I suppose you already tried to get help from Tibia’s forums ?
I am not even sure Tibia uses opengl…

I installed the most recent update of Nvidia…
It does use OpenGl

How do you know? The site doesn’t mention OpenGL at all. It clearly states that you need DirectX 5.0 or later. The Linux install requires something called “libc”. Never heard of it, but maybe that is some OpenGl implementation? Are you running Linux?

As I said before I use Windows Vista
And the games uses OpenGL since whenever you play you can change the graphic engine to Directx5, Directx9, or OpenGL. You have those 3 options so you can use any. Even using Directx9 I get the same problem, but this is not directx9 forums so try to help me with OpenGL =p

Ask the guys who developed the game. The game, looking from screenshots, does not need use any advanced graphics or performance, so it should run ok on your computer. As the same problem persists when you use DX, I would assume that it is not graphics-API related.

Maybe your internet connection is just too slow (something I don’t really believe myself).

The problem has nothing to do with opengl.
Either your computer is crap, or the game is not well optimised.

Be sure to plug the main power and set high performance mode / high power usage mode on your laptop for CPU and GPU graphics.

Again : PLEASE TELL YOUR DRIVER VERSION !!! “last one” does not count !

And if nothing else works, ask for a refund :slight_smile:

The computer is really awesome actually
My driver version is
The game is ok since I used to play it perfectly with Directx5 on a computer with Windows XP

I think I already did this, but I guess I dont lose anything by asking…how do I put my computer on high power usage mode on for CPU and GPU graphics.


So you don’t have latest drivers, those are very old ones 57.71 !

laptops and gaming… eeek!

Hey, I game on my shiny MacBook without any problems ^^

You mean, you game on all of the 3 games for mac ? :smiley: just trolling

grab some omegas.
and test other apps, i believe you did already as thats the first thing to do.