OpenGL Forums will be upgraded this weekend

We will be upgrading these OpenGL forums this weekend. After a very lengthy relationship with UBB Threads, we felt that feature for feature, moving to vBulletin was the best way to move forward at this point in time.

This weekend we will be closing these forums and moving everything to vBulletin.

All the accounts will continue to work, all the posts will be there, and all the inbound links will continue to work.

The new forums offer a few significant improvements:

  • most notably a Mobile theme making it much easier to use the forums from your mobile.
  • Easy to use attachment interface
  • Cleaner interface
  • a very robust caching system, which will make the forums load faster
  • more meaningful url’s which are also more search engine friendly, which means it will be easier to find things on forums
  • a complete feature list is available here:

If you have any questions or concerns, please post them here. I’ll be happy to answer the best I can.

Many thanks for your continued support!

There are a fair number of links into threads and posts of the existing OpenGL forums out there, both in the forums and outside them.

Will there be a redirect CGI in-place that will auto-forward thread/post links into the existing forums into the correct thread/post in the new forums?

For instance:

Will this link work after the migration, whether it’s in the forum or outside it?

Have a number of the admin folks done extensive search testing with vBulletin?

I haven’t used vB, so I have no first hand knowledge. But I’m a little concerned at some of these reviews:

particularly the ones that talk about search being deficient (one says it’s “utterly unpredictable and useless”).

Search is the one feature of the OpenGL forums that I use all the time and is absolutely essential (better than using Google to search the forums by far).

Some of the posters like vB, but it’s a little concerning that it gets a 4/10 average user review score vs. UBB’s 8.8/10:


Redirects will work without issue. We’ve built in some apache redirects for threads and posts.

vBulletin is a bit of a love it or hate it application. If it is properly setup, it works very well, and people tend to love it.

To answer many of the concerns from the negative folks in the comparison you pointed too:

  • UBB threads, which it seems an overwhelming majoritoy of the comments are on about, has, to me, a dubious future. The founder Rick, has been flip flopping on selling the company, buying it back, closing it, opening it… who knows what’s next. I didn’t feel comfortable with that when it comes to something so important as the OpenGL forums. I want to ensure the company behind the product is solid. UBB has been pretty good overall, but I’ve found upgrades are lagging and features to fit todays internet are totally lacking.

  • Support complaints. Many forum software companies offer some sort of free support. vB doesn’t, but they are very fast at getting back to you. If the forums go down, I don’t fancy waiting for support. vB is a solid company.

  • Features. Hard to find another forum that compares feature for feature. One of the deal breakers for the ARB, was to have a decent mobile theme, which the new forums have.

  • Mod/addons. vB has a good collection of authorized mods. I get tired of trying hacks which break on upgrade, from other forums. vB has a ton of mods too. Though, the feature set is so rich, I can’t complain with the base install.

  • Search: vBulletin offers two types of search: vBulletin search and MySQL fulltext search. Rather, they used to offer, two. vBulletin search was a bit sketchy, which could explain why it is no longer. MySQL Fultext search is great! However, it takes forever to initially index. The reasons might explain the complaints about search.

My understanding from most peoples comments, both from the post above and from my own experience, is that vB does take a bit more to get working smoothly. Upgrades are not super straight forward, but are solid. In almost 10 years I have never had an issue with upgrades, which is a pleasant change from most software upgrades.

Check your PMs in 2 minutes, I’ve given you the login and URL for the new forums.

I’ve emailed all the moderators a couple of days back, but haven’t received any comments from them yet. Trusting that no news is good news.

Ok thanks. Good to hear positive details on the search issue.

I mailed it but mention here too :
Seems the new forums miss a page with same feature as this one :

Very useful for moderators and frequent contributors to open in a few clicks all posts one has not seen yet to read/answer/delete/move etc.