OpenGL for XP

I am trying to play the game “Myth 3” which uses opengl. when I had windows 98 I could play it but now under XP I cant. I cant install opengl from the cd because it says it is supported only in 98,95 windows it gives the message : " for other operation systems go to ‘’"which of course doesnt exist. I think the game is so abadoned and has no site also.
Thanks to anyone that will reply

You don’t need to install OpenGL, you only had to do that for Windows 95.

At most, you need to update your Graphics Drivers, but try and install/play it without installing OpenGL.

Thanks MLeo,
I cant play it though. without installing opengl it gives a window: Nvidia opengl driver, driver components mismatch, exit is the only option.
I have an old card
nvidia TNT2 m64 32 MB. Of course there are no new drivers for a long time, but I have the latest one.
I could play the ****ing game in windows 98…

For nvidia TNT2 I would recommend the detonator 56 or 53 :
You can search here :

Thanks ZbuffeR!!!
I downloaded the version you suggested (56.72) and now this game and some other stuff work!!
I was using the 77.77 version and during the install it said that a newer version is installed, but gave it a chance with the older!!
Now why 56.72 works better than 77.77 I guess I’ll never find out

TNT2 support stopped after Rel70 drivers. Always look at the “Products Supported” link on the NVIDIA driver download page before installing new drivers.