Opengl for XP

Hello all. Here is a way to get opengl to work for COUNTERSTRIKE or any mod within Halflife for XP users. Take the opengl.dll file from your windows/system32 directory and copy it then paste into your /gldrv folder which is in halflife directory. Then go into the drvmap.txt file in the gldrv folder and type in “gldrv/opengl32.dll Win XP Opengl” (without quotes). Now go into the configuration within the game and go to opengl setting. Select the Win XP Opengl setting, where you will find the 3dfx minigl driver. Walla now you can run opengl for ANY opengl supported video card if not, most.

aka. [MOSS]-Floormat

Most likely my solution will work with other games with opengl but will probably have different folders my solution will go in.