OpenGL for Windows XP

hi! I have trouble with OpenGL. I had Windows XP home addition. I had OpenGL before and then something happened to my computer and all files folders everything was deleted, and i installed windows xp professional, and then when i try to play medal of honor game, the console turns on and says Glw_openGl() couldnt load or something like that. And can you please tell me where can i get OpenGL for windows Xp, i know where i can get for windows 95&98 but i dont know where i can find for windows XP.
if you know something please contact me on

Hi !

Could you try to get the exact error message, this would make it a little easier.

Microsoft only supplies the opengl32.dll file and that’s only software rendering, the actual driver for your hardware depends on what hardware you have, find out that and go to that manufactureres website.


openGL drivers that come with windows XP sometimes work slowly or badly for some cards as geForce2 MX for fix the problem try to find the driver that the card manifacturer made for windows XP.