opengl for windows 2000 server

I am trying to find open gl for windows 2000 server. I am trying to play Alice, but it wont work. can anyone help.

I think that all versions of windows comes with a general software implementation of OpenGL. The hardware accelerated OpenGL comes from your graphic card manufacterer so that is the place to browse.

Not all cards is good enough to play the latest 3D games with.

I have tried to install opengl and the program tells me that that I need win 95/98


You’re trying to install a Win95/98 graphics driver update on Windows 2000. Windows 2000 ships with a software-only OpenGL 1.1 implementation. What you need to do is contact your video card vendor (phone or online) and get a W2K driver…

Regardless - you’ll do better asking your video card vendor than asking here: this is a beginner programming list, not OpenGL support.

Good luck,
– Jeff