OpenGL for Vista x64

I have done a decent amount of OpenGL programming in WinXP before, but I just got a new notebook with Vista Home Premium 64-bit. I have just installed Visual Studio 2008 Professional but I cannot find gl.h and gl.lib. I looked in the Visual Studio/VC/include directory and there is no GL directory or gl.h file. Same for the lib directory. Where can I find the latest gl.h and gl.lib files I need. Also, where would I find a compatible glu and glut packages? Thanks for your help!

I have a machine with Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit and Visual Studio 2008 Standard Edition.

I found the files in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v6.0A

with GL.h in Include\gl
and the libs in Lib and Lib\x64

For completeness, I have the dll in C:\Windows\System32 and C:\Windows\SysWOW64

Thanks, mine were there too. I didn’t realize there were so many places they would hide these. I even tried to do a search for gl.h and that Start Search feature couldn’t find it. Where is just basic search like XP had? Oh well, I suppose I should just get the standard GLUT files and put them in the spots where the gl and glu files are, right? Thanks again!

It is better not to pollute VC/PSDK include/lib directories. Put custom header and lib files besides your project file. And adjust project settings adding correct paths to include/library directories.

And why do you need to know where exactly is gl.h is located? Just write #include <GL/gl.h> at it will work just fine if you have correctly installed Visual Studio.

I know to put files I create in project files but I like my libraries I download from other places to be in one central location so I will always know where they are at. As far as your curiosity as to why I want to know where they are at, why shouldn’t I want to know where stuff is at on my computer? Don’t you like knowing where your car keys are? If I chose to not use VS for programming and instead use mingw and Notepad++ I will need to know the paths to my libraries so I can properly include and link them in. I do a lot of programming in Solaris and Linux so I like to know where my files are because that is vital in creating Makefiles. When using Windows, I like the convenience of Visual Studio, but I try not to dumb myself down to the level Visual Studio wants me to be at.

But back to the subject at hand, is there a 64-bit version of GLUT I need to worry myself about getting or is the standard 32-bit version of GLUT all there is out there? Thanks again for your help as I get back to programming at home and not just at work.

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