OpenGL for Tribes2 on Voodoo 5 64 MB AGP

I have a question will down loading and running glsetup.exe screw up my voodoo card? I was just wondering because I thought that voodoo and 3dfx did not full support openGL just Glide and 3dFX. The only drivers from the are BETA drivers that they wont support. These BETA drivers are the ones with better performace in openGL.
I am just worried that I wasted 3oo bucks on this card and will have to move to geForce 64 MB Ultra.
Any info would be gladly appreciated.

Look at the video cards OpenGL runs on and quit whinning, 3DFX is the BEST for OpenGL out of all the cards. But since it’s obvious that you don’t understand Video cards I would sell your V5 and go with GForce, you would deserve each other!

Nice reply. No need to be a smart A@!. I had a simple question I would like some help with and if you cannot provide any useful insight I would appreciate you not responding. You are wasting my time.
Thanks for nothing,

Nice reply Thompson905 im agree with you…i also looking for help on iRC and too much smart @ss like him answered to me and no help in about 5hours of discussion. very big waste of time…anyway good luck in your research.

Thanks JeanPilon.