OpenGL for Sketchup not being ulitlized

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I currently have a Geforce GTX870m with updated drivers and all.
I downloaded GPU-Z (graphics monitor) and opened up a large Sketchup file.
I found that my GPU load, Memory Controller load, Video engine load and Bus interface load are all at 0%.
In fact, the only thing that seems to be utilized is my Memory usage which is at 257mb.
I do find that OpenGL makes Sketchup work a little faster but what exactly does openGL do?

As a bonus question, what should I be looking for in future when it comes to graphics cards for Sketchup?

I hope I was clear :slight_smile:
Thank you for reading

Why didn’t you list your CPU load? Bring up Performance Monitor (Ctrl-Alt-Del -> Task Manager -> Performance Monitor) and take a look at what your CPU is doing. Also look at disk, memory, and other performance metrics.

Related: If you need it, Procmon is an even more useful tool for looking at where your system’s performance is being spent.


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OpenGL is an API specification, so by itself it doesn’t do anything. However, graphics drivers can implement the OpenGL interface, and in doing so allow applications to utilize GPU hardware to accelerate graphics and other compute-intensive tasks.

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