OpenGL for Rage IIC

I am sorry if this or a similar topic has already been started.

I have a fairly old machine, and It uses a RAGE IIC board and I can not use OpenGL with it, because of its age. I was wondering if you are ever going to support those boards, if not, is there a product out there that will do the job of OpenGL and will support. I am quite angry with the fact that I may have to go out and spen $100 on a new “top of the line” board, because this one has given me no problems, except this. I realy would like to use this product because with out it I can run most of my games! Apreciate the help, Aaron

Alright, i probably should give my email too…

PLEASE help.

i’ve got the same problem with soldier of furtune and seem to not be able to find an answer all the help or answer would be cool.
email me at