OpenGL for Linux

where can i download OpenGL
for Linux?

Originally posted by mike598:
where can i download OpenGL
for Linux?

It depends.

Nvidia and ATI provide Linux drivers from their web pages.

Mesa is a software only OpenGL implementation, altough opensource DRI OpenGL drivers (those that come with XFree86/Linux) use Mesa for hardware accelerated rendering.

Start with those…

I don’t know much, but i thought it should be clarified:

you will need low-level hardware acceleration drivers (if available for your hardware) and then you will need a high level library (API) like mesa. it is likely you already have some opengl API on your linux system already. when you use the high level API in your code, the API will then use the low-level driver, no matter whether it is software based or hardware accelerated.

on a side note, learning the meaning of static, shared, and dynamic libraries will help you understand what is going on when you use API’s in general.

if you use nvidia, go to

thats all i know, hope it helps!

i should think before i speak next time.

take what i wrote with a grain of salt. i could be wrong on some of the details

You really gotta tell us your card and distro. If you have a nvidia card you can goto and download your drivers there. ATI dose not have drivers for most of its cards. You can goto and check to see if your card is there usally its not though and you’ll have to use the default XFree drivers and as said above XFree uses drivers from dri. The problem with this is ATI gives out little if any information about there cards so the drivers dont work that well like most ATI drivers.

actually if U have an ATI card you should go to

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