opengl for linux

where can i get opengl for linux
and how to insatll it
and which compiler to use

is this a hoax?

if not, which linux do you use?

…likely not a hoax

I have experienced difficulty as well with compiling certain programs that depend on GL.

From a newbie’s [ :slight_smile: ] perspective, Mesa / GL installation is not straightforward. I’d like to build an RPM eventually that’s help others in my situation.


If you have nVidia, you must download/install their driver.

I also met problem when I run GL/GLU related programs. with RH9. It works in ATI radon, but not ATI 128 pro.

I guess, when installing RH9 openGL is installed for higher ATI cards, such Radon…, but not for lower ATI cards.

Is that a possible reason?

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