OpenGL for Geforce3?

I have tried to install it a few times, but it appears that it is not yet supported. Are there plans of supporting the GeForce3 anytime soon? If so, is there any idea as to how long from now they may be made available?

I was just curious, thanks for the time.

Yes, the official drivers from nvidia for windows will be updated soon according to this article

Mac and linux drivers already have GF3 support and so does the inofficial developer drivers for windows. You can get leaked developer drivers from the internet but they will probably not be without problems.

Maybe someone can explain this to me… I’m not sure what these posters mean by ‘does OpenGL support the GeForce 3?’ and similar posts. Are they implicitly asking about GLSetup or what? I bought a GeForce3 about the 22nd of May, installed it, installed the drivers (winME and win2k), and it runs both my existing games and my own OpenGL code without any problems.

nevermind, I understand now that people are looking for detonator drivers for the GF3 on Nvidia’s website and are not finding them yet. I guess if you got a GF3 with a new computer, or for some reason don’t have the driver CD, you’re screwed at the moment.

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