OpenGL for GeForce 440MX

I have soume troubles with Open GL drivers - when using them in games, its very slow and frame rate decrase to very low values. I need to download best OpenGL drivers optimized for my graphic card - so some older. Where can i download it? I didnt found it on My graphic card is MSI GeFore4 MX 440
Thx 4 help.

The latest and greatest drivers for your card are available at

However such dramatic slowdowns do sound odd (perhaps something hardware/AGP related).

What kind of games are we talking about exactly?

I thing every games using OpenGL. Exactly GTA: Vice City in moment of detonation or when i run Unreal Tournament under OpenGL drivers. About half year ago before format everything was OK.

As far as I know Vice City is a pure DirectX game.

A dramatic slow down during a explosion where lots of semitransparent polygons are drawn (heavy overdraw situation) indicates you are hitting a hardware limit. In your case probably a mixture of fillrate and video memory bandwidth limitation.

Both areas where is Geforce4MX isnt all that great.

If you didnt see that before could be that you now:

-run games in a higher resolution
-run games with full screen antialiasing enabled
-run games with anisotropic filtering enabled
-have vsync enabled