Opengl for 3dfx

I have a 3dfx ixMICRO Game Rocket on my daughters computer. I’m trying to get an older version of Xplane to run, but it says no opengl driver. The 3dfx site is out of business and I can’t find any driver for this card.16mb of sgram so the game would run fine. HELP

Old computer + VERY old video card + old game = Major headaches

Originally posted by timmac:
16mb of sgram so the game would run fine. HELP
Nope. As Uh already pointed out, its a major pain in the a$$ to get old 3d cards to run, especially the ones based on 3dfx chips. Sure the card has 16MB of ram, but has so many other restrictions you would not believe (max texture size is 256x256, only renders in 16bit, yadayada).

Besides, 3dfx never realy had full OpenGL drivers, only drivers that where optimized to run “insert ID game of choice”. Everthing else was dropped because there where so elite that they never bothered to deal with the common case.

There are busted now and you are better off getting rid of this POS as long someone gonna give you some bucks for it on ebay.