OpenGL Fonts

i am using openGL and not glut…i am writing a modeller that has text support…i need to display the wireframe of a font and a textured object version…it needs to be an object just like a cube or sphere or something…they also need to be able to change fonts…when i use wglUseFontOutlines i am creating all 255 characters fo rthe font…this is SLOW…is there a way to create JUST the characters i need or want?

Hi !

There is, use the wglUseFontOutline :wink:

You have to put in some layer code for it with a flag for each character, pass on the string you would like to draw, and mark each character as read when you have loaded it, in the wglUseFontoutline call you specify the first character and the number of characters, you can call the function any number of times with diffrent character ranges.

This will slow down the drawing a little bit (the flag checking), but only characters that are used will be loaded, this also save/can save lots of video memory if you are lucky.