openGL/Facial Expression Recognition


Can openGL be used to create a template of the human face? If so, how? Thanks

You say template but do you mean a model or a mesh?
You need to use a modelling tool for this such as Blender, Maya or 3D studio Max, etc.
Open GL can the be used to render the model’s vertices.

By “template” she means a meta-model, to which you would assign some parameter values and voila a new face would jump from the meta-model.

Anette, this is a research-topic and AFAIK, yes, such meta-models exist. Google around a bit.

It is not easy to implement a meta-model like this though. You can see simple examples of such meta-models in 3D games and tools.

But to create a meta-model like this in OpenGL? No, you need to create such a meta-model in your head, using old-fashioned thinking and imagination or copy/improve an existing one. You can implement the meta-model with the help of OpenGL though.

Thanks ugluk and BionicBytes. I’ll check out the links. I have a starting point now. Thanks again.