OpenGL extensions

I want to study OpenGL extensions, but I understood that windows has only OpenGL 1.1 version. How I can program the OpenGL extensions or OpenGL 2.0 version in Windows ?

Thank You

Please read the wiki or goolge or use search, this question is asked very often. I suggest you use one of the automatic extension importers like GLEW.

I tried GLEW, but it says that I has nor OpenGL 2.0 support neither ARB.

The GL > 1.1 support on windows is provided through the extension mechanism. And GLEW wraps all known extensions and core functions. So be assured, GLEW supports GL 2.0 and all ARB extensions, maybe you are doing something wrong. You can also have a look at Nehe tutorials, they have a tutorial about extensions.

khdani, what is your video card, and did you install latest driver from the manufacturer website nvidia/ati/intel ?