OpenGL extensions library

There used to be a openGL extension loading library on , but this site is down. I’ll bet someone here has got a copy on his hard disk. It would be very kind if someone could put it on a webserver or mail it to me ( If someone mails it please post here that you did - a single copy should be enough !

If you know of any other working library (mus t work with ati and nvidia cards) let me know as well!


I just mailed it to you


Can someone mail me a copy too?

Much thanks…
email addy:


i would like to get a mail, too…


hm, he moved

Yeah the ****ing university, where I had my site changed naming conventions for the webspace.
They suck. Thats why I moved. I hope the new location will be permanent.


i would like to see your code not using windows.h … my gl.h and such don’t use windows.h as well, they define the function call types and all their own… much more clean (and less compile time as no unneccessary huge header-tree get included)…

it isn’t that difficult…

and for windows platforms, it would be neat (while not necessary) to have some #pragma comment(lib,“opengl32.lib”) in directly…

anyways, great lib, thanks for doing the work…

You can do like this instead:

#include <windows.h>

Will only include the most important things.

i don’t want it AT_ALL, humus i’m coding with sdl, and stl, and boost, and gl, and all that. i just try to not use anything os-specific (i know its impossible, but anyways )

btw, your extension library now successfully loads GL_ARB_fragment_program, i played around a little with the atioglxx.dll and… hehe i lost now GL_ARB_multisample and won GL_ARB_fragment_program… they create the string runtime, hehe… fun to see

well then, dave now dives into the amazing world of 9700… trying to render a… triangle