OpenGL ES on Symbian 6.1 problem

i can’t get the emulator working with OpenGLES applications.

My setup:

  • series 60 SDK 1.2 for Symbian OS, Nokia Edition (downloaded from Nokia’s site)
  • OpenGL ES 1.0 for Nokia Series 60 (downloaded from Hybrids site)
  • VisualC++.NET

Windows XP

I can build and run the examples (from the SDK) on the emulator device. The OpenGL ES example builds ok, however when i run it from the emulator I get a “system error” dialogue on the emulator screen.
I tried to debug it from VisualC.NET. It looks the the error occurs after libGLES_CM.dll is beeing loaded (the .dll and the .lib are installed correctly). None of the code from the example is executed.

I also tried the OpenGL ES 1.1 version, same results.
The faq (from Hybrids OpenGLES package) mentions that the Nokia 7650 (this will be my actual test-phone) is supported, so this is not the problem…

what can be wrong?

Found the solution" VC6 solves the problem…


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