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Where does one acquire the OpenGL|ES logo? I intend to use it as an implementer (no license fee), but can’t find a download site. (Sure, I could just download the .png file from one of this site’s pages, but I hoped for something a bit more official. :slight_smile: ) The SGI OpenGL logo page only has OpenGL logos - no OpenGL|ES, and following the relevant links on this site seems to lead in a circular path.

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I’d be careful though using it as an implementor: “If you want to use the OpenGL ES logo for packaging or in your software application itself, then you must become an OpenGL ES Adopting Member and you will be required to submit your product for Conformance Testing which you must pass, prior to using the logo.”

The full guidelines for using the logos are here:

Usage Guidelines

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BTW, what implementation are you working on?

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I don’t want to use the logo in the software itself or in the packaging; just on the site.

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood. To quote this site’s OpenGL specs page, ‘Implementers may create and deliver an OpenGL ES based product using the specification in any way they wish but not claim it is OpenGL ES “compliant,” or if or it is a software or hardware engine, they cannot advertise it using OpenGL ES logos or trademarks ’ and ’ You may use the OpenGL ES logo on your web page, printed collateral or in a tutorial to promote your support and endorsement of the API or to indicate that your product is layered on top of an OpenGL ES implementation’.

I interpreted this to mean that I could use the logo on a web site if I’d developed an application using a compliant OpenGL|ES implementation; if I’d used, say, Vincent to produce the app’s graphical output. I couldn’t claim my app was ‘compliant’, but as long as the app itself wasn’t a software or hardware engine, use of the logo on the site would be acceptable.

Or have I totally missed the point?

That should be fine. The problematic case would be if you would create an implementation of the spec. (“implementor”) and then stick the logo on the site without going through the conformance procedures.

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PS: Vincent is not “compliant” yet, because I have yet to submit the test results through the official review process.

PPS: Were you able to compile the sample with the fix I sent you?

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Yes, the fix worked. I was just writing an email to thanks you (and ask another little question).

Re Vincent not being compliant (yet) - hey, no pressure.


How to pronounce “OpenGL ES”?

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