OpenGL ES - Is it possible to make videoplayer using opengl?

Hi All,

I have been trying to make a video player using opengl es.
But I have found that the image size for texture has to be 2 square. It means that the resolution I want can not be made. Is there any other way? Normally Is opengl not used for making video player? Please don’t hesitate to tell me If you have any suggestion. It will be very useful for me.

Textures can certainly be non-square, rectangular textures are absolutely OK - but the two dimensions can only be non-power-of-two under special conditions:

  1. MipMapping is not allowed.
  2. Wrap mode must be “Clamp to edge” in both axes.

Actually, neither of those may matter to you for making a video player…but if you don’t set those exact things - the texture won’t work.

For details, read: … 2.0.24.pdf

…specifically, sections 3.7.11 and 3.8.2.

Oh…and I should have mentioned…this only works under OpenGLES 2.x. OpenGLES 1.x can’t cope with non-power-of-two textures unless there is an extension present that supports it…which would mean that you wouldn’t have portable code without some way to make do without it.

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