OpenGL ES Error - "Can't find the Intel graphics"

This might be a long shot but I’m hoping one of the experts that use this forum may have a solution.

There is an application called UO Steam, or UOS for short, that acts as a server connection tool for an old-school MMO called Ultima Online. This tool, UOS, is currently an abandoned project but its last update works for thousands of people without issue. For me, however, the application opens fine but when UOS launches the actual game client, I’m presented with an OpenGL ES Error that says “can’t find the Intel graphics”.

Currently using an MSI Z370-A Pro motherboard, with an i7-8700K (UHD 630 integrated graphics), and a GTX 1070. I’m also using Win10’s latest version (1903). Here are some things I’ve ruled out:

  • Drivers - Have done clean installations of Intel and NVIDIA drivers several times. All other hardware drivers are updated, including the BIOS.
  • Game Client - I’m able to use other connection tools or simply launch the client standalone without issue.
  • Hardware isn’t too new - I’ve spoken with people who use HP laptops from 2008 and folks who have custom-built high-end rigs with 2080s. UOS isn’t partial to older hardware.
  • NVIDIA Drivers - Currently using the latest NVIDIA drivers for my GTX 1070 and my wife is also using the same drivers for her GTX 1060. She doesn’t have this error but I do.
  • UHD 630 not working - If I unplug my monitor from my GPU and use my VGA cable to connect to my UHD 630, UOS works just fine.
  • Primary boot device - My GPU is set as my primary graphics, using the “PEG” option.
  • Disabling the IGP - Have tried disabling the IGP by uninstalling and have also manually disabled it via the motherboard by toggling off the multi-monitor display in the BIOS settings.

I understand that this isn’t a support forum for this specific software but again, I’m hoping that someone here might have an idea as to what could be triggering the error or how I can go about resolving it.


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