Opengl es and antialiasing


There is some possibilities to implement antialiasing on opengl es?

Thanx !


On platforms that support it, you can enable multisampling/supersampling by choosing an EGLConfig with the attributes EGL_SAMPLE_BUFFERS == 1 and EGL_SAMPLES > 1.

Thanks for you answer… How i try to use this function? wich are the instructions?


You include those attributes in the attribute list you pass to eglChooseConfig.

EGLint confAttribs[] = {
  // add your own required attributes here
EGLConfig eglConfig;
EGLint numConfig;
if (!eglChooseConfig(eglDisplay, confAttribs, &eglConfig, 1, &numConfig) || numConfig != 1)
  // error
// use eglConfig

I have to say that using antialiasing with the sort of displays we have available on mobile devices does not make much sense, you can’t really notice the diff… it just steals performance.

However, you might be doing some advanced work with bigger better screens, or faster chips, anyway if your fps go down, turn it off. If there is a way to turn it off :slight_smile:

I can’t say I agree with that part. I think the difference is quite noticeable.

I can’t say I agree with that part. I think the difference is quite noticeable.[/quote]

On large screens, without a doubt it is noticeable, and in all honesty should be the default setting. However we had some dev kits that had very small and crappy screens, where antialiasing did not do much diff in terms of image quality.

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