Opengl es 2 vs opengl es 1.0

Will ES 1.0 code run on ES 2.0 ?
In the hardware manual it is mentioned both opengl ES 1.0 and 2.0
In such cases how to run ES1.0 code…
Any suggestions ?

Several parameters and sintaxes are a bit different. So, no… ES 1.0 code will not run on ES 2.0. :slight_smile:

If you run ES 2 or ES 1, the difference is the way you specify your library header. 8)

Don’t mix ES 2 with ES 1. If you have to choose, if you can, take ES 2. :idea:

Ehm, not just parameters and syntaxes are different, they’re completely different. OpenGL ES 1.x uses a fixed function pipeline while ES 2.0 uses a programmable pipeline, thus, you would have to rewrite a lot of code if you want to make your ES 1.x application run using ES 2.0 (add all required shaders, setup uniforms etc)

If you have an application relying on a fixed function pipeline, use ES 1.x, if your app is shader oriented use ES 2.0.

A lot of platforms support both, just as real OpenGL (before 3.x decided to deprecate stuff). If i’m not mistaking, Android introduced OpenGL ES 2.0 with Android 2.0 (??) thus old versions used ES 1.x and new versions should support both

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