OpenGL ES 2.0 / GLEW / GLFW confusion

How do I force my API to be OpenGL ES 2.0 instead of some other random version? When I query for GLSL, I currently get 1.3. Why? I’m on Intel Ivy Bridge Mesa 8.0.4, I should be able to get OpenGL ES 2.0 just fine. Am I forced to use the EGL API ? Right now I’m using GLFW because it has easy to use input routines (I think using the raw Xorg input stuff in EGL would be hard and dangerous because it could lock the desktop up, no? Also Windows can’t use xorg input)

Also for some reason I get a segfault at “glCreateShader()” if I don’t use/initialize GLEW. The second I comment it in again, no segfaults.

On this webpage it says glCreateShader is in “core” since version 2.0, shouldn’t that mean that I can use it without having to use GLEW?
How would I use OpenGL if I didn’t have something like GLEW, is OpenGL supposed to need another library to load in essential function pointers?!