OpenGl es 1.x Mipmap question.

I’m coding an Android application using openGL right now and I had a question:

Is it possible to create a MIP map in open gl es 1.x that only loads the texture resolution it is currently rendering?

So instead of loading all the textures resolutions from the largest to the smallest at once, have the mipmap only store the one it is currently rendering. Then have the gl load the new resolution textures as I zoom in and out. This way I could load many large textures onto a surface and zoom out to view them all at once without having any VM budget issues.

If gl doesn’t have a way to do this, is it possible to override the onDraw function to determine what level of the mipmap is being requested to be rendered so I can manually load a new texture?

No, for both.

You can guesstimate what mipmap level will be used for a give rendering, but OpenGL doesn’t tell you which one it actually used.