OpenGL ES 1.1

I’m creating application that will connect to existing OpenGL ES 1.1 implementation but everything that application renders to screen frame buffer I want to render to FBO.
If developed application is using FBO I dismiss it.
So after GL context is created I create FBO with Color Attachment as Texture (RBGA, GL_UNSIGNED_BYTE) and Depth Attachment as RenderbufferStorage object (GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT16_OES).
The application I run works normal when displaying on screen and when I switch on my library it renders to FBO.
My question is what is impossible to render on FBO that renders on screen frame buffer ??
I have application that basically works fine but there are some frames that can’t be seen when rendering to FBO.
To see FBO I render it to screen frame buffer. I can send via email (there are quite big) logs of that application with call stack of that few frames that don’t work correctly.

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