OpenGL errors under windows XP, (nvoglnt.dll)

I wonder if anyone could help me,

I am running a P4 2.53 with 1 gig of memory and a geforce 4ti4200 graphics card and Windows XP Pro service pack 1, my pc was running fine, opengl etc regularly played half life, q2, q3, sof1 & 2, jedi knight 2 etc. until last month, i started recieving those winxp error messages saying “half life exe has caused an error in nvoglnt.dll” would you like to send etc.

I have tried to narrow the problem down by all the usual Nvidia drivers, Intel chipset drivers, removing pci cards, swapping memory, graphics card, cpu even the motherboard, (my friend has an identical computer). and countless re-formats but to no avail.

All direct 3D applications run fine its just anything to do with OpenGL.

Before the problem started i ran a copy of Quake2Max, (a updated unofficial add on pack to q2) which had updated OpenGL texture and lighting. Does anyone think this could have caused this problem.(Or has anyone had this problem).

My last attempt will be to remove the Master boot record off my hard drive and do a low level format, if the above has caused the problem.

I have scoured the online gaming forums, and never come up with any answers, there is a few problems with NVOGLNT.DLL like this in doing a ‘google’ search but they have not cured my probs, I have also noticed a person on this forum with problems like this using Half Life but he has not recieved any solutions yet apart from Half Life is not supported under Windows XP!!!.

Please could anyone help, suggest anything, i am at a loose end.



Originally posted by PsychoDogBeast:
[b]I wonder if anyone could help me,

I am running a P4 2.53 with 1 gig of memory and a geforce 4ti4200


i have similar problems with windows 2000 and a geforce 2 mx and similarly scoured the net. DX games work fine but SoF hangs with a grey screen before being “closed by windows”, also the opengl screensavers dont work. After uninstalling the latest detonator driver and using ver 28.32 i got a few of the screensavers (in display dialog) to work, but after putting ver 41.09 back on no opengl stuff worked again and i got a new error message
“Driver component sizes mis-match. Retry to keep going. Cancel to exit.”

Problems of this sort have cropped up on a number of forums i’ve looked at, with people suggesting different solutions: all i’ve tied haven’t worked.

Here are some links, if you have better luck with them than me, please reply.

and ive still to try this:

please update me on your progess this problem is beginning to f*** me off
good luck

By going back to detonator drivers ver 30.28, i can get some of the opengl screen savers to work again.

P.S. my card is a Mentor 64MB 200/400 but is displayed on device manger as 100/200. I think this is because i only have 2x AGP port.

Any ideas?


It seems that there is a problem with the opengl32.dll (modified 7/12/99 691 984 bytes) file in my C:\WINNT\system32 folder and a much oder version of the file (modified 24/08/96 733 296 bytes) works much better.
When i go to replace it in the system32 directory windows wont let me (i think this has something to do with my priviliges settings - i just upgraded to 2000 and am not all that familiar with it). So what i do is copy the working dll into the same folder as the program’s executable i am trying to launch.

Hope it woks fo you (i here xp is very similar to 2000 in these respects)

Forgive me for writing so many posts.

Cheers for looking into it for me gary.

Ive tried the copying opengl32.dll into windows system, but still no avail. Got myself an ATI radeon card i’m going to try later on and see if that works. I’l keep you posted.

I have had simillar problems running an open gl program in windows XP (SiS 650 card). I have tried running the program on other machines - W2K, Win98 and it works fine on all of them. It even works on XP with an ATI graphics card. I tried getting new drivers from SiS and MSDN & none worked. Then I downloaded opengl v1.1 from

and put the file


in the WINDOWS/system32 directory and everything seems to be fine - don’t ask me why. The old file was newer !!??*?

plz help!!! i have a velocity 128 and i want to install rtcw. but when i run it, it says that my openGl isn’t supporting or whatever. so, i have no idea how to get it running. where can i d/l my missing GL file?

Hi, I have been having problems with opengl games in windows xp and the only solution after many tries has been to download Nvidia driver 41.07 from This got MDK2 to work again and it got Neverwinter Nights to run. In NN, however, the config utility says it can’t find an opengl driver. Anyway I hope this helps people who have had no luck with anything else.
Note on installing driver for those who need detailed instructions:

This driver is unlike the regular nvidia drivers which have their own install program.

The way I installed it was to:
First run the 4107xp.exe and specify a folder to extract to (there are a lot of files so it would be good to extract it to a new folder)

  1. uninstall the current nvidia drivers on your system (and then reboot as it will ask you to)
  2. When winxp boots up it installs it’s own geforce4 4400 driver
  3. Go to controlpanel->system
  4. click on the hardware tab
  5. click on the device manager button
  6. double click on “display-adaptors”
  7. right click on the driver that shows up
  8. choose “update driver”
  9. choose “install from a specific location” then hit next
  10. choose “don’t search…” hit next
  11. click on have disk
  12. browse to where you extracted your driver
  13. double click on the .inf file that shows up

hopefully your new driver installed smoothly and your computer now works like mine did.

I heard this suggestion about this msi driver from another forum and the fact that it uses “update driver” to install instead of using nvidia’s install program may have something to do with why it works. I had attempted to fix the problems by uninstalling and reinstallg nvidia’s drivers but what would happen was microsoft’s geforce4 driver would get installed and then i had to install the nvidia driver over that. So maybe the fact that the driver is getting installed over microsofts instead of over a clean slate prevents the problem from being fixed.


I recently upgraded my XP with latest patches. After that i could not run any JAVA GUI applications. It will give following error.

An unexpected exception has been detected in native code outside the VM.
Unexpected Signal : EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION occurred at PC=0x695c9270
Function name=(N/A)

I simply renamed the nvoglnt.dll to something like nvoglnt_bad.dll, after that i could my java applications without any problem. By the way i have ‘ViewSonic’ monitor.


Excellent, nice one guys.

Always had a problem running OGL programs via MS Visual Studio. Crashes on startup in NVOGLNT.DLL (usually the first ChoosePixelFormat call).

This is on a Win2K SP3 machine (P4 2GHz, 1GB DDR, Asus 8200 GF3 with v43.45A drivers). You’re posts made me have a look in my \WinNT\System32 folder.

To my suprise I had two NVOGLNT files. One a DLL and the other an LRC file. The DLL was 140KB and the LRC was 2.4MB

After renaming NVOGLNT.DLL to NVOGLNT_BAD.DLL, and NVOGLNT.LRC to NVOGLNT.DLL I can now run/debug via MSVC OGL programs

Me, very happy… Thanks all