OpenGL error..

Hey guys,

Im not to bright in the ‘Computer Scene’ But im gonna try and explain my problem and hopefully someone can help me.

I have recently purchased a Dell Latitude C610 its a
1.0Ghz, 256MB RAM, P3 running Windows XP SP2.

Ive recently bought Medal Of Honor Allied Assault. Ive installed it and I go to play it and a window pops up saying ‘Cannot load OpenGL’

Now me being the person I am Google’d ‘OpenGL’ to find that its got somthing to do with my Video card, I went to the settings of my Video Card and used windows to seek out if there were any new drivers, but only to find there wasnt any.

Being a ATI card I went to ATI’s website and searched and searched for a OpenGL driver only to be bamboozled by many different drivers which made me confuzzled and I went in the corner of my office @ work and drool @ the mouth while sqatting and quickly moving forward and back. :stuck_out_tongue:

But guys im in a bind here I have NFI where to stard or end.

Thanks to all for helping in advance.

Brian H

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