OpenGL error in Quake3 message line

I have a bit of a mystery for all of you to ponder… I am using a p3-933, 256mb laptop with an ATI Mobility 128 16MB video. The problem is Quake3 Arena; Most of the graphics (walls, floors, etc…) look fine in any level, but the engine is telling me this error: “WARNING: RE_AddPolyToScene: NULL poly shader” This happens in any video mode, combination of texture filters, etc… And when I shoot, these black and white squares emmerce through the gamespace. Also, some of the walls are covered with this same black and white looking texturemap, wherein the OpenGL error is now evident. What baffles me is the fact another game that uses this same Quake3 engine, Startrek Voyager Eliteforce, nor any other game I’ve tried (Serius Sam T2,Alice, Whel of Time, Revolt), has no problem at all running in my OpenGL laptop environment. I’m running Windows98 w/ DX8.0, and if anyone could help a fellow Quaker, it would be most appreciated!

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FWIW I’ve got the same problem, but mine only affects Quake3 Team Arena. Quake3 itself, and Elite Force work fine (all other games too!). I recently installed DirectX 8 but since everything else still works that may just be a Red Herring. If I fluke a fix I will post it. Enquiries continue…

OK… this turns out not to be a GL problem, but is related to the shaders used in the game.
Some custom map pk3 files include definitions for shaders which are interfering with the Official shaders used by Q3A and Q3TA. It may take a few attempts to find which pk3 files are causing the problems - I dare say fixed versions may be available.
(FWIW I just deleted the problem files)
Unless you are encountering a different issue but getting the same symptoms…

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That happens to me as well, but only sometimes, when I’ve played a whole lot of levels. I guess it just runs out of available memory or something… For me it goes away if I restart the game. The animated textures disapear entirely, like the crash model’s faceplate, for instance. Quite odd.