opengl engine

i make a game with sdl but sdl is very slow and so i have this question

do anyone have a opengl 2d draw engine that i can use to draw everything on the screen(with alpha blending, clips and so on) because SDL is very slow.
or better do anayone know something to make sdl faster.

what is ‘Draw everything’ ?
That’s the problem here as:

  1. nobody is just going to give you their hard work
  2. even if they did, how exactly is it going to work with your ‘draw everything’.

Let’s be specific. What actually is slow? How are you doing it. What happens if you only draw 1 of the items, it is slow now? If not which object makes it slow?
What h/w do you have? What CPU do you have?
Do you want someone to give you new h/w too?

You can check SFML :

whats sfml can it used with sdl

SFML is an alternative to SDL. It should give you better performances if you need to render a lot of sprites (if ever this is your problem… If not, could you please be more specific ?).

thx thats my problem