opengl drivers 4 sis 6326 4 ->quake III

Hi, I have a sis 6326 agp card. quake II worked fine on it. But I have some problem with Quake III. When I start the program during initialisation it shows me an error stating “low desktop colour depth” , when I say OK it show me another error "GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem " please help .

try setting ur desktop res to 16 or 32 color not 24… it might work

i wonder how u run quake2 in opengl with sis 6326…i have the same card but when i try to run opengl it says “fail to initiate glimp”…then it goes to software mode, glad if some1 can help…

I have the same error problem and no solution so FU CK SIS you cu unts !