OPENGL driver problem in Q3, CS, JK ...

Hello everone

I saw that there are too many people suffering from the same stupid problem about loading openGL drivers in games.

Let me first summarize my problem.

I have geforce2 mx 400. and i815 chipset mainboard. When I first installed the card and the APPROPRIATE nvidia driver it worked perfectly in half life , cs , quake3 with opengl. But one day when the computer was idle it just started to give the opengl not supported error. I couldn’t solve the problem no matter what I did. Then upgraded my operating system to winXP.

At first with NVIDIA’s drivers the card run perfectly with openGL ance again. But after a couple of days, again when the computer was idle the problem persisted again…

Now more or less all the people who discussed in the older forums have the same problem.

  1. This problem has nothing to do with reinstalling nvidia’s any drivers. So pls do not advise to reinstall anything.

  2. maybe there is a problem with the mainboard’s chipset.

  3. maybe there is a problem with one of the ini files(but NOT the DVA stuff it is useless).

  4. I think the problem is not related with the games. The machine can not reach hardware openGL.

  5. This problem smtimes solves by itself but some time later it persists again. So maybe some of the operating system’s processes causes this problem. (firt jk gave openGL subsystem error but then it run perfectly in the 3rd try with openGL interesting!..)

  6. Finally, this is a very important problem which causes a lot of people “pain”. So I hope this bug can be solved by microsoft, nvidia, ati, intel etc…

Now I hope to get some good feedback from anyone. PLS do not repeat trivial nonworking solutions. Just give ideas that worked on winxp OR which are not written in the older forums…