OpenGL driver not accelerated

I Updated my XP version with the SP2.
I have this incredible game Doomsday (help doom to run in XP).
Before the game run smoothly.
Now i get this message
GL_Init: Initializing Doomsday Graphics Library.
DG_Init: OpenGL.
drOpenGL.Init: OpenGL driver not accelerated!
Use the -allowsoftware option to bypass this.
If i allow this the game doesn`t run well.
I would like to know where i find the OpenGL properties or any clue that can help me
Thanks in advance

Not sure was the SP2 does, but perhaps it “updated” your display drivers with “better” ones from MS. Unfortunatly those MS drivers never support OpenGL…

Since I dont use XP for various reasons (well I do own a legal copy which came with my comp, but I think XP sucks on many levels), it is just a guess.