Opengl driver no longer on

When Mohaa first came out Opengl offered a driver that if downloaded would deal with the problen of recieving “could not load opengl subsystem” at startup of the game. I have tried my latest driver and it doesn’t help with the problem. I am asking for help because I have reinstalled the game but i come to find that the opengl driver is no longer there. does anybody know where i could find it because i assume that without this driver i cannot play mohaa

To make a long story short:

There is NO OpenGL driver.

I think you are refering to a Win95 patch (that still can be found at that made OpenGL work under Win95(A).

Since Win95(B) all versions of Windows (NT4,W98(SE), ME, W2K, XP) support OpenGL just fine and there is no need to install a patch that is 9 years old.