OpenGL driver for Toshiba R100 Notebook

Hi there,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with the following; I’m using a Toshiba portege R100 with a Trident viedeo card (m32 XP4 cyber). Now, I was trying to run Star Wars KOTOR and it keeps saying that I don’t have OpenGL 1.4 support. The KOTOR configure tool says my driver only supports OpenGl 1.3. Could this be the reason the game is not working? If so, does anyone have a driver because I can’t find it anywhere on the toshiba site and (crappy) trident site.

Thanks a lot

You aren’t the first person to post about that laptop… I’m afraid your options are:

  1. Get a new laptop
  2. Don’t play KOTOR
  3. Wait and hope that Toshiba upgrades the drivers

Keep in mind that even if they do upgrade them KOTOR will probably be so slow as to be almost unplayable.

Trident is known for a long history of cheap, crappy cards.

hmmm…doesn’t sound very promising, but thanks. Why would KOTOR still run slow with new drivers, it’s a pretty fast machine. Played other new games and they worked fine and smooth.