Opengl draw nothing when drawing a 3D terrain

Hi! I’m using per pixel linked list to draw the scene.

It works fine with 2D terrain but with 3D terrain it doesn’t draw anything.
When I was on linux with my old PC and mesa, all was drawing well.
With a 3.0 opengl context and weighted blended oit it draws the terrain but there are a lot of black pixels on the terrain so it looks strange.
If you want to see the whole source code it’s here : here
For the 2D it’s ODFAEG-DEMO folder and for the 3D it’s ODFAEG-3DDEMO.
You have to install cwc to build the project.

SOLVED! The problem was I passed a 3D view/projection matrix to draw the fullscreen quad for the second pass, but the fullscreen quad must be drawn with a 2D view not with a 3D view so I pass a 2D view/projection matrix and it works!