OpenGL doesn't work for Tribes 1 or 2

When I try to launch tribes 1 or 2 I get a black screen and my computer freezes? I had openGl working before but now it just doesn’t work. I am running it in d3d but the graphics are brutal. I have a amd k6-2 500 mhz, 192 mb’s of ram, geforce 2mx, lots of hard drive space, and all of the newest drivers (the ones I can think of)Please help me, I need opengl

I have a the GF2 Ultra with the same problem, I just reinstalled T2 and everything worked fine.

I’m running an ATI Rage pro mach 64 with 8MB PIII with 128 MB RAM under Win98, everything seems nice except for the blocky text. I can’t read a thing, it’s all dark blocks. I’ve tried the older and newer versions of the correct drivers, same problem.
Why they would ship with BETA version of the drivers I don’t know, but is there a patch for this?
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Yeah, i reinstalled after opengl and im using D3D, its pretty bad…anyone know if dynamix has said anything?