OpenGL DLL under Windows XP

I installed an NVidia GeForce 8600 GT,and installed ForceWare version 175.16.
Applications with DirectX are running very fast.
Applications using OpenGL is running very slow. OpenGL is supporting version 1.1 .
I ran GlewInfo 1.5.0 and It only found the generic Microsoft’s driver. What can I do for Windows to use the hardware accelerated and extended manufacturer DLL ?

See the begining of the GLEW report :

GLEW version 1.5.0
Reporting capabilities of pixelformat 2
Running on a GDI Generic from Microsoft Corporation
OpenGL version 1.1.0 is supported



glCopyTexSubImage3D: MISSING
glDrawRangeElements: MISSING
glTexImage3D: MISSING
glTexSubImage3D: MISSING


glActiveTexture: MISSING
glClientActiveTexture: MISSING
glCompressedTexImage1D: MISSING

Thanks for any hint,


Somehow your driver installation went wrong. Did you update from an older card (or another IHV card)? Completely uninstall all graphics drivers you have installed and reinstall the latest one. There are soem free tools that provide complete removal of this drivers from teh registry, I don’t have a time to search for a link, but you could try. If nothing helps, you should reinstall your OS:

The thread just before this one has the same issue:

Zengar was write. I had a previous ATI card and I uninstalled the driver. But some part (or parts) of the ATI driver were left in place by the system (for example Atidisp.dll was in use by the system). I tried several ways to completely remove any ATI code but nothing worked. The only way left was a new Windows XP instalation. Now the GLEW find the NVidia OpenGL driver and my OpenGL applications are running as expected.
Funny is that Windows managed to install any DirecX related code and fails to do the same with OpenGL !!
Armando Alaminos Bouza