OPENGL.DLL not found error

I receive an OPENGL.Dll not found error when trying to compile a program using GLUT using VC++ 6.0 and only creating a window. I have linked to Opengl32.lib, GLu32.lib, Glut32.lib and Glut32.lib. I have also re-run OpenGL Setup, and that did not work. I Just need a way to fix it.

Assuming that you in fact did link opengl32.lib not opengl.lib you should ensure that you have opengl32.dll on your system at all… you should…
anyway this should be in your system directory or at least in your path so you can find it…

BTW what version of glut are you using?

I am using GLUT3.7 beta, and I did check to see if OpenGL32.dll exists and it does in the system folder.

I fixed the problem. It seems that if including Glut.h instead of glut.h causees wierd problems. I fixed, but thanks for the help.