OpenGL Discussion boards upgraded

Hi all,

After a few foibles, we have the OpenGL Community Discussion boards upgraded and running smoothly. If any sees anything out of sorts, or has questions or suggestions on improving the boards further, please let us know.


I have tweaked a few things from comments made. The most notable are the forums are now full screen width. If you don’t see it, force refresh your cache a few times please.

The menus at the top are causing problems for some people and we will be updating those shortly too. Keep the comments and suggestions coming. Thanks.

There it is :slight_smile:

A small annoyance : the full reply form only show the post selected for reply/quickreply, not the whole conversation.
For me forum discussions are better flat than hierarchical (as one can edit/deleted redundant posts, contrary to newsgroups/email).

So now I will have to hit the big “new reply” on top of the discussion…
Is there a way to put it at the bottom, too ?

Ok, I’ve been clicking around some more :wink:

My previous issue that the new posts are not shown inside the forum seems fixed, but now I have the opposite problem :wink:

In the forum overview I see which forums have new posts. Let’s say the beginner forum has new posts, I see the yellow icon and the red numbers.

Now I click on the beginners forum. Inside, I see several threads with new posts. I don’t read all of them at this time (or read none at all, doesn’t matter), and go back to the forum overview. Then it looks like there are no new posts in the beginner forum (gray icon, no red numbers).

If I go back inside the beginner forum, the unread posts are still displayed, it’s just the overview that doesn’t display this information.

Anyway, it’s not very important, just a minor display bug. At least it remembers my unread posts correctly, which is a huge improvement over the old forums :slight_smile:

Overmind, I almost exclusively use the “Active topics”, so I bypass any sort of problem with read/unread markers :slight_smile:

When doing quick reply for a post, you can click on the ‘Switch to Full Reply Screen’ to see what you need. Same as clicking New Reply I believe. I agree though that having only the last post appear is a bit annoying.

This would be a more significant change in the system, so not sure we will see a solution anytime soon, but I will put in a word to have this improved upon.

Well it does not help.
This is not of utmost importance, but an extra button “switch to Full New Reply Screen” would be great :slight_smile:

As someone mentioned it elsewhere, apparently the user ranking system is gone ?

All those years to get 5 stars and … puff nothing :smiley:

Yes, I looked into the upgrade and apparently the company didn’t import, or couldn’t import the user ratings. This upgrade from UBB.threads has been far from smooth, so on their behalf, I send you apologies :frowning:

Currently waiting to see if they can still get the ratings back.

One more thing: is it possible to change the sidebar so it will scroll with the view? I think it would be more usefull if visible all of the time.

Some people like me don’t like such scrolling sidebars.
What do you find useful in it ? Online people ?

The sidebar cannot scroll with the view. I find the sidebar a bit space wasting, but that is the only position for that info at this time. I am going to move it all to the footer once I get a little more time. Bit swamped at the moment.

Well, sidebar takes space, and when a page is reasonably long the white gap on the right becomes slightly annoying. But I won’t be sad if you remove the sidebar alltogether :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t miss the sidebar either.

Wouldn’t miss the titles or the ratings now that you mention it; they only antagonize the real newbies… (heheh).

Heard back from ubb.threads. They were never able to get the import of the ratings to work in the upgrades. So Hasta La Vista old ratings. They are easily turned off if people prefer not to see them.

The titles like the post count for the member is a bit useful, as it shows newbies, (and me :slight_smile: ) who has more experience around here. The titles I adjusted a but yesterday, and newbies don’t stay newbiese very long.

A question for the forums now. Someone emailed me yesterday pointing out there is no space in profile for a jabber IM account. Is that a truly useful feature? If so I believe we can stuff one in there somewhere.

When i choose this forum from the forum-overview, i cannot post a reply to this thread or the other thread of the moderator (the OpengL 3 update). The “New Reply”-button is not displayed.

The weird thing is, when i enter the thread through the OpenGL main-page or through some other link (as i did with this thread now), the button is displayed.

Hope that will be resolved soon.


Ok, it seems as if i am sometimes logged in and sometimes logged out. If i jump to a thread through a direct link, i am usually logged in, so that i can post, but if i select a forum manually, i am sometimes logged out, so that i cannot post.

The question is, why should i be sometimes logged in and sometimes logged out, although this all happens inside the same browser (different tabs) and i never manually log out. A bit weird.


While we’re on the nickle and dime stuff, codeing is misspelled in the M&A forum…

coding is as it should be now. Thanks Modus. Jan, is it possible there is a cache issue on certain pages. Next time you know you are logged in and you end up on a page that says you are logged out. Try force refreshing that page. Thanks. If any one else experiences that issue let me know. I haven’t seen it.

Thanks everyone for the continue suggests etc, I think we are getting pretty close to a working forums now :wink: