OpenGl & Direct 3D

Hi there,

My question is “What are the differences, if there are, between OpenGL & Direct 3D”.

I know that they are small… but where are the differences, and wich mode is the better for games.

OpenGL and direct3d r API’s which to most which interface with ur graphics hardware and tell ur monitor where to draw the 3d objects. Most graphics cards r built to support the functionality of the API’s. (nearly always both r supported) but depending on the architecture of the gaphics card 1 may run faster than the other
u should try to find a bench mark programe and test both modes on ur machine and use the 1 that runs the fastest.

(sorry about the long lecture)

Some of the more notabule differens are

-Hardware T&L
-OpenGL ueses it automaticly if persent
-DrectX the programer need to change the
program to ues it

-Non Windows

  • OpenGL is supported on Windows, Linux
    Mac, SGI …
  • DX is only for windows

sorry that that was not more banalenced but I know a lot more about OGL then DX since I only program for linux