OpenGL demos

I am currently looking for my first programming job and some of the agencies I have approached have asked for demo programs.

What exactly do they mean? What level of complexity is expected in such a program? Any suggestions as to what I might be able to attempt for a demo program?

The best opengl demo i’ve seen in a while is called glexcess ( this should give you a Fantastic idea of what a demo is all about. (by the way - your a programmer but you dont know about demos? what gives?)


Allan has very good tutorials comes with very impressive effects.
Really cool DEMO !!!

I know about demos but I was curious about the level of complexity involved.

That GLExcess demo has just crushed all my aspirations. Is that a typical demo? It obviously has had a lot of work put into it and the guy knows a lot about OpenGL, far more than me…

Perhaps I should give up now!

not it’s not a typical demo, it’s jsut a benchmark test, the size of a typical demo
is quite smaller (size of the *.exe file)