Opengl Demos are mostly EXE.'s

Of what I look at on this page. All of the Demos are always windows only. C++ or what not.
I have no clue how to code but I love running the demos from PC’s to see what I could do if I only took the time to learn. Or cut and paste bits together to make a monster. But I am at home with my OSX.

Is there a way to run these with out the EXE on OSX ?

You could port it yourself, but unless you know what you are doing it could be a bit longwinded…

drat >:.
I was going for the easy method. But if there is no such then oh well.

Are there any other Opengl boards that are more well robust with talk than this one?
Thankyou anyhow.

In terms of mac stuff?
try is a good place for mac game development. If you go to the forum, then there is a special board for OGL-specific questions.

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