OpenGL - Delphi, Kylix

I’m new in the sphere of 3D developing and I’m interested in OpenGL. Where I can download OpenGL components and libraries for Delphi and Kylix ? (exuse me for my bad english)


I think the most useful is
There are also Nehe’s Tutorials - the Delphi conversions are at the bottom of each tutorial.
Then there is EraQuila . Its French, but i kindda always find what i’m searching there even though i don’t know any french :smiley:
There are also good links on Eraquila.

If you can’t find what you want here there’s always and google, but you usually won’t get delphi stuff.

I hope I helped.

I’m a team member and MOD over at the german delphi opengl community and was also part of the team that created newer delphi headers for opengl (and maintains). We also have an english infopage over there and plenty of tutorials, so you may find what you need over there.