OpenGL Cube demo

Hi I am quite new to OpenGL, my task is to get an application using an OpenGL for some testing on a Linux (Suse).
I ve been told there is a certain demo containing a rotating cube which is usually used for testing however I could
not find any related information on this. Can you pls guide me if there is such a demo available?

Thanks in advance

glxgears ? Not really a cube, but that is the nearest I could think of with your description.

glxdemo on my system(Mint) displays what looks like a yellow quad not a cube.

glxheads creates a rotating triangle, but it’s meant for testing multiple rendering outputs on different displays.

glxgears is the program most commonly used for testing opengl/dri support.

Not typically used for testing, but xscreensaver has a Rubik saver. Rotating Rubik’s cube in GL.

Oh, just head out to NeHe, download and compile some demo. Plenty of cubes there.

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